Getting started

This is a fun art class designed for kids in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade. But anyone can take it! The lessons are free. I wanted to provide something fun and creative for kids to do since 2020 has been a really hard year.

I started teaching art again in 2018 after realizing that our area did not have a lot of positive programs for kids. As a father looking for ideas for his own kids, I decided to see if anyone in the community wanted to learn art. I had a few hundred dollars donated for the space and art supplies, and we had over 100 different kids and their parents participate. It was a huge success.

When I decided to offer them again in 2020, some people requested an online version. I had never thought about that, but I knew it would be a good way to help even more people. So this is my very first online art class. I hope your child enjoys it!

Things We Will Learn

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  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Landscapes

  • Characters

  • Basic Art Supplies

  • Being Creative


  • 1


    • Welcome to art class!

    • Art Supplies List

  • 2

    Shapes & Colors

    • Project 1 Overview

    • Step 1 - Setting up your art supplies

    • Step 2 - Making your design out of shapes

    • Step 3 - Coloring your design

  • 3

    Fun Places

    • Project 2 Overview

    • Step 1 - Deciding what to draw

    • Step 2 - Drawing your landscape

    • Step 3 - Painting your landscape

  • 4

    Cool Characters

    • Project Overview

    • Step 1 - Creating a character

    • Step 2 - Drawing your character

    • Step 3 - Coloring your character

  • 5

    Learning More

    • The Final Step

    • Class Review

    • BONUS: Download Adam's FREE coloring pages

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About Your Instructor

Art Teacher

Adam Smith

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Seabeck, WA

Katie A.

The amount of patience you demonstrate is wonderful. My kids have learned a lot from what you've shown them. Thank you!

Port Orchard, WA

Jeremy A.

Adam's level of instruction and the attention he gives to each student allows the students to excel while finding their niche in fun and creative way.

Woodinville, WA

Chay B.

Adam is amazing to work with! Super knowledgeable and very talented!



Bonus Material

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  • Free

    Coloring Pages

    Yes, FREE!

    I include some downloadable drawings featuring my original art for your kids to color.

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    Get in touch with me if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!

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